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Humpback whale swims into Ventura Harbor

Biologists are using an underwater microphone to try to guide a humpback whale out of Ventura Harbor.

The sight of the 35-foot-long whale swimming in circles between docks in the Ventura Isle Marina on Saturday afternoon drew spectators and television cameras.

The whale was not injured, said Ventura Harbor Patrol Officer Tim Burrows.

He added that marine biologists with Channel Islands National Park are broadcasting underwater whale calls to lure the mammal out to sea.


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Agoura’s Tara Davis has no equal at the Southern Section track and field finals

Standing at the end of the runway, Agoura’s Tara Davis put her hands together as she always does.

It’s quite an accomplishment when those who did not come to see a specific athlete have learned his or her name over time.

Davis is a star with no equal in the state right now. She came close to winning the state meet by herself, pulling in a ridiculous 28 points across her three events last summer.

So when Davis began her slow clap in the long jump at the CIF Southern Section track and field finals, the crowd at Cerritos College knew to join in.

Trump’s day in tweets: Saturday, May 20

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Contactless payments gain momentum in Ukraine’s public transport

As part of its global strategy to extend its reach and develop mobile ticketing services, Mastercard has just made available a new contactless payment service in the subway of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.

The new technology, dubbed “MetroPass,” transforms bank cards into subway travel cards with pre-paid billing plans for a limited or unlimited number of rides and even discounts.

“We are among the world’s pioneers to introduce such a solution,” the Kyiv subway authorities commented on their Facebook page.

The Kyiv subway teamed up with stated-owned Oschadbank and Mastercard to launch the project.

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Boys’ volleyball: Southern Section championship scores

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Rep. Adam Schiff calls for Democratic unity in speech that suggests an ambitious future for himself

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Visa-free – Educating the constituency

The 11th May witnessing the successful and penultimate round of required signatures from the EU Member States regarding Visa-free travel for Ukrainians.

Thus 18th May is scheduled to witness the final two signatures (from Malta holding the rotating EU presidency and European Council Donald Tusk) that subsequently allow the publication of the agreement that in turn, 20 days later, will bring Visa-free into force.  Ergo on or about 8th June the Visa-free regime will come into effect.

A symbolic event.

However such a significant bureaucratic change requires educating the Ukrainian constituency as to what exactly Visa-free means.  What is covered by Visa-free and as importantly, what is not.

It should necessarily be explained –  repeatedly – over the coming weeks, and indeed months, across all channels of the domestic information space.

Every effort should be made to reduce, as far as is practicable, misunderstandings or ignorance withi

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Warriors have little trouble with injury-riddled Spurs 120-108

Kevin Durant had 33 points and 10 rebounds and the Golden State Warriors beat the injury-riddled San Antonio Spurs 120-108 on Saturday night to take a 3-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals.

Golden State has a chance to complete its third straight series sweep in Game 4 on Monday night. The Warriors are the third team in NBA history to win their first 11 playoff games. Cleveland is 10-0, with a 2-0 lead over

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Angels’ ninth-inning rally falls short, as did their defense, in 7-5 loss to the Mets

A man resigned to his fate, Mets catcher Rene Rivera skittered to a stop at the cutout just past third base and stood up tall, knees locked.

Luis Valbuena started the rundown half-heartedly by jogging toward Rivera. After a few strides, he shoveled the baseball to teammate Jefry Marte. Too early. Like a prisoner who found his shackles unlocked, Rivera sensed new life. He sprung back toward third.

There wasn’t enough time. Shortstop Andrelton Simmons sprinted in, but the play was rushed. He couldn’t catch the ball and apply the tag, and Rivera was safe at third.

It seemed an inconsequential play in the Читать далее »

Ukraine takes another (preparatory) step toward NOIS

Almost 2 years ago an entry appeared relating to the fairly high priority the US had relating to intellectual property rights and its place on the Ukrainian legislative agenda.

As stated at the time following a conversation with a senior US diplomat – “Certainly a matter that is not confidential nor sensitive that is a constant for the US, via its embassy in Kyiv, has been trying to quietly force up the Ukrainian legislative agenda over recent years, has been the issue of intellectual property rights/protection.

Needless to say the Yanukovych regime had very little interest in such matters, and the post EuroMaidan government has been slightly preoccupied with what it considered somewhat more pressing issues.  To be fair to the US, it too had issues it thought more pressing here as well.

However, the i

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